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The Wire S3 - Thoughts

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Fediverse Short (Length) Live-Action Media
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The Wire S3 has been exceptional. There hasn’t been one moment that made me think “this is great”, rather, it’s a feeling that’s been built up. This’ll probably be an 8/10 for me, though maybe a 9/10 after I complete it and sit on it. My mind is always working when I watch the show and that’s exactly what I love. Thinking about what what’s happening means, for the characters, for the plot, and the commentary on politics. It’s engaging in a very different way than others shows are. The characters in particular can not be understated. Basically none of them jump out at you as cool or likable or whatever, and if they do it’s quickly corrected, but yet they’re interesting to watch, because there’s so much depth to them. I’ve really felt this with two particular characters this season, watching them bounce off each other and getting any of my ideas on whose philosophy will win out constantly changed. I’ll detail it more later but I don’t know if I can put a spoiler tag within a post without a CW on the whole thing so, yeah. Really good. Fuck the war on drugs.

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