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This is my, Blues Drive Amelia’s, site of writings.

About the Writings

My notes cover a variety of topics in a variety of formats. All of it is filterable via the tags/taxonomies. Most of the writings are about media like shows, music, and games. These were originally written across a variety of platforms and from a variety of times. The earliest ones go back to probably ~2017. The public platforms include Reddit, Twitter, Anilist, and the fediverse. I’ve also long kept my own personal repistory of my writings, mostly in Obsidian the past few years. I’ve wrote a good number directly in Obsidian but some were written within assorted diary apps, edited from Discord messages, and so on and so forth. A lot of the ones that were not originally written in Obsidian have been modified in some way, mostly for formatting.

New Writings

New writings on absolutely no set schedule, frequency, or anything of the like. I write as I feel/see fit within Obsidian and I will set it to publish if it’s applicable to the writing.

Extra Information


Tags: General topics and other random things.

Media Series: Franchises, works, staff, etc..

Post Types: Length, structure, etc..


Assume that all media notes note contain all the spoilers of the related franchise if it does not have a “No-Spoilers” tag. All times mentioned, unless otherwise specified, are in the eastern timezone (ET/EST/EDT).

What is This Site?

This site uses Hugo with the Blowfish theme, deployed on Netlify. I write and manage my writings in Obsidian and use the Github Publisher plugin for it to then be deployed.


Unbeatable White Label
·703 words
Medium (Length) Structured Media Games
Baldur's Gate 3 - Completed
·689 words
Fediverse Medium (Length) Media Games Spoilers
One Piece - New Anime Announcement
·82 words
One Piece Fediverse Micro (Length) Media Animation No-Spoilers
Chainsaw Man (Anime) - Reze Arc Announcement
·101 words
Chainsaw Man Fediverse Micro (Length) Media Animation No-Spoilers
Fortnite - Live Service
·159 words
Fortnite Fediverse Short (Length) Media Games
Fortnite Battle Royale - C5S1
·109 words
Fortnite Fediverse Micro (Length) Media Games