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The Rehersal

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Fediverse Medium (Length) Live-Action Media
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Nathan rehearsed everything for the guy’s problem, but did not think through his own. I’m getting a feeling that this show will be more about Nathan than anything. Nathan For You was all hijinks, many times making me think how the other people involved were all okay with it in the end. But here, someone finally tells Nathan to his face what he did was shitty, going as far as to calling him an awful person. It’s not just funny bits anymore. Nathan must face himself. When the Willy Wonka music kicked in, that was perfect. I’ve heard people remark Nathan as intelligent before but I don’t think I personally felt or saw it much until now. I’m excited to see how this goes on.

…that’s what I originally wrote. But just after writing this, Ineeded to follow up on something that was bugging me. During the final scene when Nathan is talking to the guy, I thought that he looked completely different as he was angry. I figured it must just be the anger on his face and that I was imagining things. But no. It’s the actor that was used to play the guy earlier in the show when Nathan was rehearsing how his interaction would go with him. So… Nathan rehearsed everything? What was the guy’s actual reaction? Wow. Layers…

Wait, so Nathan never actually confessed to the real guy about his deception, even though he rehearsed it, after he made the guy rehearse his confession over and over and he went through with it. God damn.

Post 2

The Rehearsal is becoming a fucking philosophical show and I am all for it. This is insanely interesting. Nathan has far surpassed his comedy.

Post 3

why am i crying during a the rehearsal episode fuck

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