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Nathan for You Final Episode - Completed

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Fediverse Short (Length) Live-Action Media
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The last episode of Nathan For You had no reason to go that hard… it was just a little enjoyable kinda funny show I’d put on when I didn’t want to pay much attention, and then just out of fucking nowhere… damn. That was a good one.

At the end, I was hoping for Nathan to turn off the cameras. He went for a drone shot instead, which was an interesting choice. It showed us all the cameras and other equipment around the two, but also gave the two some space from what would actually go into the show. I think I would’ve liked it better for him to have just turned off the cameras but upon further thought and reading some discussion this may have been the more profound and interesting way to end things. I’m really impressed. I already have his other show, The Rehearsal, on my to watch list next up but my hopes for the show have been significantly raised.

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