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The Outer Wilds - Completed

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The Outer Wilds Fediverse Medium (Length) Media Games Spoilers
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I guess… I guess I completed The Outer Wilds? I don’t know how to feel.

I know the DLC is supposed to be scary and given my terribleness and hatred of scary things as well as some of the reactions just the base game got out of me, I unfortunately think I’m going to have to skip it. It’s a shame, I even saw one person say it was better than the base game, but I can’t do it ,and well, partly don’t want to do it.

As for my thoughts on the base game… idk. Still reading up and processing.

Reading about other people’s experiences playing the game, I thought throughout the end of the game that the interloper going into the sun was what was causing the sun to explode and I did not fully understand how going to the Eye would help but I just saw it as my only option, perhaps there I would find a way to save the solar system. There is a line in the Sun Stations that says the sun has reached the end of it’s natural life, but I thought perhaps it was incorrect. It seems everyone else had a moment before going to the eye where they realized that the entire universe was dying and there was nothing they could do to stop it, whereas I went into expecting to potentially save the solar system, not having even realized the full scale of the issue. There is a communication from other Naomi ships in the shuttle that says they’re gathering regarding the end of the universe, which just made me think perhaps what’s in the interloper is enough to make the entire universe die. Before I figured out to go to the shuttle to go to the eye, I was trying to figure out ways to move the interloper or get it out of the solar system, or something along those lines. I think that’s why the ending just kinda happened in my eyes and I didn’t get any of it until now that I’m reading up on it.

I never thought the sun station itself would be key to saving the solar system or universe as many seemed to, rather, I assumed it would just be another place to gain more information. I was shocked to learn that the Naomi were intentionally trying to explode the solar system and wondered if perhaps they were not good people, which was eventually cleared up.

I will say, during my second to last run, my heart was fucking pounding. I wasn’t sure if the game would let me try again if I die, taking the warp core out of the ash twin project would stop the loop, and I was not confident in my abilities to evade the anglerfish. I felt like I had the weight of the solar system and potentially the universe on my shoulders. I couldn’t do the precise movements with my fingers required to evade them because of my nerves. I died to the anglerfish and had to try again lol. It was a little easier the second time but I was still nervy from finally being able to get the eye, after all that time.

There were multiple points that I thought like, oh, if I get to this thing, this’ll be the thing that finally puts everything into place. That moment never came, and I did like that about the game. When I realized I had all the clues, I felt dread from not knowing how to put them together to save everyone. Which led to me remembering the shuttle had a spot for a warp drive and then me finally realizing the little input thing there could be used to put in the coordinates. That was my last hope to save everyone, I thought. Surely it wouldn’t just ask to let everyone die. I think part of that was also that my understanding would be if I went to the eye, everyone in the solar system except me would die. Perhaps if I realized everyone would be dead no matter what, I would’ve came to the conclusion of, this is just how it is. But instead, I was in denial the whole way through, I suppose. That may have had a great effect on the impact of the game on me.

I had no idea what the eye would be, so in that unknown lied my hope. I suppose everyone else just figured that going to the eye wouldn’t really do anything? I’m not exactly sure why. There were mentions of it potentially being a sentient being. Perhaps I could, in a way, ask it to save everyone, I thought.

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