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The Outer Wilds - DLC Encounter

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The Outer Wilds Fediverse Medium (Length) Media Games
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i think i accidentally got to the DLC content of the outer wilds before completing the main content. this has kinda thrown of my focus and investment of the main content. like, theres clearly a whole other campaign just sitting there, making the main one feel a little less meaningful and the way it’s obvious it’s kinda separate makes the whole thing feel a little more game-y. i thought the DLC was going to be like a separate campaign that you can start after completing the main game. my immersion is definitely broken a bit. i initially thought the thing I was going to do was part of the main game, then i quickly figured out this doesn’t totally fit, looked it up in vague terms and got confirmation. idk.

Slept, still demotivated by this. In a more general sense, I don’t much like DLC in story games like this. I also get it because I figure I want the complete package, but it’s so rare I ever actually play the content. Usually it’s like some post-campaign quest line or even whole area and for me it just feels far too disconnected from the rest of the game, no matter how much I liked the game, really. I’m not one who always wants more of things I like. There is a lot of value to an appropriate end.

Booting up the game and looking at my ship log frustrated. If I didn’t know better about it being DLC, I could probably go to the area and explore more and learn things I shouldn’t at this point in the game and likely taking impact away from things I’m still yet to learn. For a game that I was praising yesterday to a friend for such meticulous design, where everything seems perfectly and intentionally placed, this is either a major oversight or they just didn’t care. This main plot line really does feel diluted now and I’m having a hard time getting immersed again. I guess most people played before the DLC, or never followed up on the clue that leads to it? It’s an easy one to miss, and I didn’t understand it so I ignored it for a while, but being stumped on other things I went back to it and figured it out. This perhaps would be even worse if a new player found the clue and pursued it very early on, believing it to be a part of the main game. They couldn’t at least put in a screen that says “This is content intended for after you play the main game” or something?? Even just knowing that this content exists and is DLC is kind of a spoiler on the main game, tho I will not explain why because… spoilers. Bleh. Maybe I’m misunderstanding something and how this content plays in and it’s not as bad as I think it is.

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