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Hi-Fi Rush - Completed

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Hi-Fi Rush Medium (Length) Media Games Spoilers

I had enjoyed Hi-Fi Rush. I was initially enamored by the game when I had first tried it in Hi-Fi Rush - Started. The visuals were awesome, I loved how the entire environment worked on the beat of the music, the combat seemed fun enough, and the writing was fun too. However, in “Track 10”, the quality of the writing and the game overall suffered a steep sudden drop. Through that track, the next, and the final (12) the writing and humor fell flat, the pacing felt awkward, the level themes became whatever, the boss fights were no longer novel. It feels like the game went so far into being a parody of various tropes that it became indistinguishable from what it was parodying. The bosses were a highlight through the game but the second to last guy (whatever his name was ) was completely unnotable and with his fight I think the developers realized they don’t have any new mechanics to add to make the fight novel. Kale also felt very whatever and his boss fight was a bit stupidly hard (to be fair, I’m not good at games lol). The game went from in full force in track 9 to done at track 12. It felt like they must’ve had to rush it. Obviously it’s a fast paced game with “rush” in the title but even within itself these tracks were just so awkwardly paced and fit in. It’s disappointing for a game that prior to this felt like a perfect example of something that was just fun. This is a bit hard for me to rate as I only just finished it, but I’m leaning towards 3 stars, maybe 4 stars.


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