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Squid Game S1 - Completed

·159 words
Short (Length) Media Live-Action

After seeing this trending on Twitter a few times and that it was a death game show, I watched the first episode. Unfortunately he was not as interested as I and did not continue but even I wasn’t that interested. I love death game type stuff so I completed it anyway but it wasn’t particularly good. It didn’t do anything new or inventive. None of the games wowed me. The marbles game had a cool twist but it would’ve been much cooler if the show made me care about the characters. The plot armor was also too strong for a death game show. Anyone could’ve guessed who would’ve died in which game before seeing any of them and be in the right ballpark. Gi-Hun, the MC, getting a pink emo haircut was hilarious and stupid. There’s certainly going to be a second season but I wish this was self-contained in one, as I do with most products. 3 stars


Nathan for You Final Episode - Completed
·169 words
Fediverse Short (Length) Live-Action Media
The Wire S3 - Thoughts
·201 words
Fediverse Short (Length) Live-Action Media
The West Wing S2 - Completed
·27 words
Micro (Length) Media Live-Action No-Spoilers