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Spotify Organization

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I don’t even know what kinda music I really like anymore. My library is such a mess, and I partially do blame Spotify’s horrid organization options. How the fuck do I fix this…

Basically exclusively playlist based organization systems for digital music streaming services has got to be the fucking worst thing about it. It’s what kept me away for so long, and it still plagued me after the convenience won me over. “I want to only be able to organize my music by manually adding each individual song to each individual playlist and doing this every time I have a song I want to organize” - statements made by the utterly deranged. Apple Music still has smart playlists except it’s tucked away in the old iTunes client and doesn’t even sync with the native music app on iOS. How did organization become the enemy of streaming services? I refuse to believe that regular people really like their music done this way. I was honestly happiest with my music when I was using MusicBee and manually tagging every single track. I had columns in my UI and could narrow down exactly what I wanted to listen to with ease. This would be even easier with the data a streaming service has, but they just don’t utilize it. It’s only good for shoving recommendations to you. On Spotify you can’t even look at playlists by album or by artist… how the fuck do other people not complain about this!! Man… maybe I need to go back…

The biggest redeeming quality of Spotify is… a third party service. Basically Last.FM but modern and better but only for Spotify. Even with the Apple Music Windows app on the horizon, it’s one of the things making me not want to switch back to there.

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