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I’m in bed right now and as I’m in my bed off my phone (just came on to type notes lol) lately I’ve been thinking about my content. I was just thinking about why I love the Everything Now show so much and one of the big factors I’ve stumbled upon in my thoughts is variety. Every episode is a different format. Well, they reuse formats, but never twice in a row or I don’t think I’ve seen the same format repeated even, say, two episodes from one. There’s also over a dozen formats at this point. I’ve been watching for a month and there’s still formats popping up I haven’t seen before. Then, within each episode, they’re always split into segments. For example, in “Oops! All Rise”, theres usually 4 trials, each with a different case and defendant. In “Jonks”, there’s a number of different characters who go to Jonks for a wish throughout the episode. Even within each episode, it doesn’t ever feel stale. That, plus four core cast members and up to three guests per episode, all coming up with different characters on the spot for every bit… it is probably the most varied content I’ve seen in a while. With most, it’s usually all kinda the same. On one end of the spectrum, you have people who just play various games and commentate them (me currently) which, well, I would not call that varied at all, despite the “various” games. It produces the same stuff no matter what really. On the other end, there’s creators whose video or two I may like, stuff like analytical content, and I may even like their general style and be interested in watching more from them, but I don’t. As much as I find it interesting, it isn’t engaging enough. I don’t yet know how to apply any of my takeaways here to my content yet but I am definitely keeping it in mind as I continue to brainstorm.

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