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Social Media Flaws

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Medium (Length) Fediverse Culture
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I really need to quit Reddit. They’re gonna start charging for API access and not include sexually explicit content to be fetched from it. They’re going public later this year as well. Sexually explicit content is most certainly going to disappear off of Reddit sooner or later, and it’s going to be a shitshow. Of course, there’s a million other things contributing to its downfall. Reddit has been shit for a number of years now. They’re planning to make separate feeds for video and text content, attempting to compete with Tik Tok. Rolling out another shit UI for desktop. The NFT blockchain snoovatar bullshit they’ve been pushing. The millions of different types of awards, some highlighting your comments to stand out from the others, a sort of pay to win. I’ve tried a number of times to quit and have failed. Here we go again, I guess. Anyone have any alternatives to recommend? Good alternatives ideally, not just less shit ones. Some things I’m looking to still be involved with without Reddit: Anime/entertainment discussion, cute anime girls, hentai/porn, friend finding, news and politics discussion.

Oh and Imgur is banning NSFW content which is fucking ridiculous and is already going to cripple every NSFW subreddit out there. Man, what’s with these companies? No corporates enjoy looking at porn and hentai? Why do advertisers hate it so much? Fucking hell, man. People have sex drives, it’s normal, get over it, no one cares if you have ads around some good femboy dick, Jesus.

I feel like I’m gradually being pushed away from all the spaces on the internet I once loved and found home at. The only platform/network I actually like anymore is the fediverse, and it’s limited in it’s population. Everywhere else I’m just kind of begrudgingly on because there aren’t better spaces. What the hell happened? Capitalism, I guess. Fuck capitalism.

I’m sure getting older and thinking more about the nature of platforms, content, consumption, monetization, scrolling, blah blah blah and all has much to do with it as well, but it is undeniable these spaces have gotten worse and is pushing out the once-core users, the weirdos who made the internet so great, in favor of dumbasses with zero attention span they can squeeze as much money as they want out of. I suppose it was inevitable with the need to eternally increase profit, but fuck, this shit SUCKS. Fuck corporations.

When every platform has to be Tik Tok, every user has to be a Tik Tok user. The individuality of not only platforms but userbases are getting striped away, down to the only things that matter: being a money maker and the ones making them the money.

As I’ve delved further into YouTube content creation, every time I hear a mention of the “algorithm”, it truly disgusts me. “The algorithm is treating me well right now, gotta make more content it likes”, “This topic is hot with the algorithm right now”, “The algorithm is fucking me, none of my content is getting anywhere”. This is what it’s all turned into. You live and die by the algorithm. To be clear, I’m not shit talking those who would say stuff like I mentioned. I’m shit talking YouTube/Google/Alphabet for designing a platform in such a way that those statements come up at all. It should be about creativity, passion. But that shit does not factor in when it comes to getting reach and/or making money. Man. I fucking hate capitalism. I need to sleep.

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