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4chan Language

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i swear people who use 4chan too much speak a different language. and in a bad way.

as someone who is chronically online but still sane (for lack of a better term), it’s so obvious when someone’s mind has been poisoned by there. it’s spreading in the LGBT community and the trans community too. or perhaps it isn’t spreading, but as i have entered the realm, i have noticed it. before i thought it was just racists and lolicons. surely no LGBT person would be insane enough to think going on there is a good idea. but it is way more prevalent than it should be. concepts and shit promoted there are not good for one’s mental health. their perception of reality is so warped… man, i just wonder sometimes, as someone who had unrestricted internet access since i was young, it would’ve been so easy for me to go the wrong way. hell, i’m one of those people who watched a not-so-subtly conservative youtuber back in like middle school. i could’ve very easily gotten sucked in all the way, but i maintained my disagreements with them until i left that community altogether for greener pastures. but if i hadn’t held my beliefs, if i had listened to some of the more questionable voices in the community, if i had ended up on one URL instead of another… it’s a scary world out there.

i see the 4chan flavor of lgbt communities frequently in the fediverse and i stay away from those places now. they may even seem nice at first, but… its just not good to have around you. i think this instance i’m on now defederates or limits most if not all of them which i’m grateful for. it is concerning, nonetheless.

i always feel like shit when i do a dive on sites and profiles of these types of people. i dont know how those people actually live thinking the shit they do. damn. i need to play some video games to cleanse myself.

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