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Hogwarts Legacy Trans Controversy

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J.K. Rowling is a transphobe. She is a bad person. She is a producer of works, as well as works based on her IPs. There is something to remember here. There is no ethical consumption under capitalism. You can source most shit your purchase, most shit you engage in, to shittiness, in varying severity. Hogwarts Legacy is no different from anything else in this regard. It’s just a video game. So-called “activists” took things too far the second that they started making people feel bad about playing engaging in entertainment. There may be a debate to be had about antisemitic themes in the game but the vast majority of people will not realize this nor are they online enough to happen to catch it. People do not deserve to be harassed for playing Hogwarts Legacy. The most anyone should do is inform someone about the product they’re engaging in, and if they decide it’s worth it to play anyway… who cares? A person wanting to enjoy a video game doesn’t even register on the blip of issues of trans people. There are laws being proposed, being discussed, being passed every fucking day in the United States targeting trans people. There are real issues at hand. There are countless trans people suffering every day due to discrimination and other things. Why is everyone’s energy going into harassing people over an entertainment product and not working on something worthwhile? Do such people realize what kind of image we are garnering from this, not to mention it’s just… morally wrong? It is belittling and insulting to see people so up in arms about this video game while the world and the specifically the United States is becoming less trans friendly by the day. Right wing nationalism is on the rise everywhere. Ron DeSantis is one of the top picks for the Republican nominee in 2024 and potentially the presidency and he is nothing but a fascist. Yet, it seems as a community we have chosen to bully people over a video game while we watch our rights and any respect some people had for us gradually decrease. There is no excuse for harassment or bullying on this topic. This is not the hill to die on.

This is in response to the apparent recent harassment of Silervale over playing the game. I haven’t seen the clip yet, I tried to find it but I couldn’t, but apparently she had something of a break down. It just baffles me. What community am I a part of that chooses to harass innocent people over a video game instead of real change while our very existence is openly under attack? My parents have made my life actively worse in every way they can since I came out as trans - and they’ve explicitly admitted that’s what they’ve been doing. I don’t fucking care about someone playing a video game. We all need entertainment. I know it’s the only thing that keeps me going sometimes. Everything we buy, everything we engage in, will be problematic / unethical in some way. Harry Potter is a beloved franchise and nostalgic to many. We are all in this together. Let people take their escapes where they can. This just… the response our community has had to this… it just isn’t the answer. And I do not see enough people speaking out against it. I see many people not seemingly participating in the harassment while still shitting on J.K. Rowling, which is appreciable, but people need to take a clear stance and say that this is not who we are. Jesus fuck. I can’t believe I have to say this. My country, my rights, and my life are crumbling around me - and all people can care about is a video game. Fucking. Hell.

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