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JoJo Part 6 (Manga) - Arc by Arc Thoughts

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JoJo's BIzarre Adventure JJBA Part 6 Structured Media Comics Spoilers
Table of Contents

Battle Thoughts & Scores

Goo Goo Dolls

5/10: It’s Little Feet but the user has no personality. Still an enjoyable read, though.

Manhattan Transfer and White Snake

8/10: The fight was already pretty interesting with just Manhattan Transfer and throwing Jotaro into the fray, but the level got upped when it turned out the whole fight was just a stand attack. A classic JoJo twist. We also get our first peak at White Snake, possibly my favorite stand in the entire series.

Highway to Hell

5/10: The enemy stand user and stand were funny, but that said I don’t like Hermes that much and it felt very lacking following up the previous fight.

Foo Fighters

5/10: The fight itself was eh, the real good part is that we get F.F added to the party because she’s awesome.

Marilyn Manson

7/10: Another example of a classic JoJo fight. Araki can make even a game of catch exciting and tense. It exemplifies what I love about JoJo, making the bizarre shit you’d never think of awesome.

Jumpin Jack Flash

6/10: I really couldn’t give a shit about the enemy stand user or stand, but we get to see Weather Report for the first time so it gets a 6.

Limp Bizkit

5/10: As a non-fan of Hermes coupled with McQueen being an already bland character as well as Limp Bizkit being kind of lame, this didn’t do much for me.

Survivor and Planet Waves

5/10: Survivor just pisses people off which isn’t that good of a stand on it’s own, so it was a smart choice to couple it up with another stand. We didn’t see it’s user at all during the fight, which makes sense but still feels lacking. Planet Waves is an interesting stand but it’s user was just some dipshit guard and even if he had a personality, he was being influenced by Survivor so he wouldn’t have been much of a character anyway. While Survivor being paired up with another stand user makes sense logically, it unfortunately makes for a underwhelming fight.

Dragon’s Dream

6/10: The first half is pretty eh. The stand user is very below Araki’s writing capabilities. He very well could’ve come up with a much more interesting stand user considering they were stuck in a punishment ward but he didn’t deliver. Things start getting exciting when F.F hits the chair, and that’s what brings it up to a 6 for me. I do love how ridiculously stupid Dragon’s Dream itself is, it certainly makes it a fun fight.

Yo-Yo Ma

5/10: It… happened, I guess?

Green, Green Grass of Home

6/10: Really interesting stand, but I felt like they got off too easy with the baby just taking an interest of Jolyne! I know Araki could’ve pulled off some awesome bullshit for them to somehow reach the baby, even if I can’t think of a way they possibly could have and I would’ve been able to call this a classic JoJo fight.

White Snake

8/10: Now THIS, this is a classic JoJo fight with it’s twists and turns. I always love when White Snake shows up, and Pucci gets in on the action himself for the first time, my favorite JoVillian.

Jail House Rock

8/10: Have I said classic JoJo fight too much? Because this is a classic JoJo fight. Crazy ass ability, cool user, great resolution.

Bohemian Rhapsody

8/10: C L A S S I C





Heavy Weather




Made in Heaven



Average Battle Score: 6.5/10

Overall Score: 9/10


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