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JoJo Part 6 (Anime) - Announcement

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JoJo's BIzarre Adventure JJBA Part 6 Short (Length) Media Animation No-Spoilers

I spent most of the day hyped up for the JoJo special event being held at 3:30AM (the 4th). A friend and I watched the livestream together. It was a painful three hours of the JoJo themselves voice actors talking with each other and answering questions. The subtitles were auto translating from the audio of the stream with a program so they were appropriately awful and hilarious. We couldn’t understand anything they were talking about. As time went by the hope of a part 6 anime announcement diminished. But at the last second they announced it. My friend and I were so happy. Partly because of the announcement, partly because the hell that was the livestream was over. They released a key visual with Jolyne’s design and a logo. No release date/season or any other designs. I was too happy that we got anything at all at that point to be disappointed about that. Jolyne’s design seems fine enough. Her hair could be more green but it’s okay. Like I said, I’m just happy it got announced. I’m betting on Winter 2022. I hope Made in Heaven is everything you dreamt it to be, future me.


JoJo Part 6 (Anime) Trailer
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