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Fortnite - Live Service

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Fortnite Fediverse Short (Length) Media Games
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I think Fortnite has been probably the healthiest live service game/platform around for a long time. The battle royale mode’s battle pass has had the best value of any and the game overall actually does interesting things. So far, Lego Fortnite and Rocket Racing have been full blown high quality games. The Rocket Racing car bundle prices are yikes but otherwise, I’m pretty excited at the current state of Fortnite and where it’s going. Festival is the most likely to not be good but if they commit to a varied and large song list that could be really good too. Imagine seeing Guitar Hero type accessories but for Fortnite. It’d be sick. I definitely see myself spending more time in Fortnite now. It’s already been my most played game on PC (with hours tracked anyway) for a long time. 800 hours (a lot for me at least). Hoping they continue to do cool shit.

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