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Deathloop - Started

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Deathloop Micro (Length) Media Games Spoilers

I’ve played ~three hours of Deathloop on PS5. I always expect great things from Arkane and I’ve not been disappointed. I love the main character. His personality could easily come off as cringy is done wrong but Arkane nailed it. The story is still in the nothing-makes-sense-amnesia period so I can’t comment much on it. The gameplay is fun, the visuals and UI are as good as any other Arkane game, the music is unnoticeable (negative), and the haptic feedback isn’t as good as I was hoping it would be. Overall I’m enjoying it a lot and I think I will through the whole game.


Deathloop - Completed
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Deathloop Short (Length) Media Games Spoilers
A Way Out - Completed
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A Way Out Micro (Length) Media Games Spoilers
Persona 5 Royal - Completed
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Persona Persona 5 Royal Short (Length) Media Games Spoilers