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Persona 5 Royal - Completed

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I finally completed Persona 5 Royal. Overall it was good but I don’t think I enjoyed it as much as Persona 4 Golden. Maybe a 7/10 compared to an 8/10. It really dragged on with the last palace added in Royal. It’s obviously tacked on to give people who played the original a stronger incentive to buy this game a second time. If not for that maybe it’d be an 8/10 but we’ll never know. The visuals were generally similar to 4G but 5R shines bright in the UI department. It a joy to use and look at. The music was on par with 4G if not better however 4G had four daily life songs with vocals while 5R had one. That was a sore disappointment. The dungeons aka palaces are significantly better in 5R thanks to being manually crafted instead of procedurally generated. The story was good except the aforementioned final palace. It would’ve been much better if it ended after the god fight. The characters were better than in P4G. I found myself liking and caring about more of them though there are some exceptions. I had a tough time choosing who to romance between Haru, Makoto, and Kasumi. Ryuji isn’t as good as Yosuke but I still like him a lot.


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