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Deathloop - Completed

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Deathloop Short (Length) Media Games Spoilers

I loved this game. Putting all the pieces together to create the perfect day when you can break the loop is a great concept and beautifully executed. But the ending was extremely anticlimactic. I was just off the rush of finally attaining the perfect loop when I got to Juliana for the first time and the game just… ended shortly after. There was no finale fight, or even an explanation as to many of the mysteries of the game. I could either shoot her and break the loop or do nothing and maintain the loop. I chose to break the loop, which has been the goal of the main character the entire game, and the game instantly made me feel bad about it. Colt says something like “I’ve come too far now”, as if he’s intentionally made a morally wrong choice. The game ends 20 seconds later with a short cutscene of Juliana pointing a gun at Colt on the start of the day beach and walking away. I looked up the other endings and none of them seem satisfying either. It would be my pleasure to give this game five stars and title it my favorite Arkane game as well as one of my favorite games of all time, and I would be doing that had it had an ending to match everything before it. Unfortunately I must give it four stars.


Deathloop - Started
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Persona 5 Royal - Completed
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A Way Out - Completed
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