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Wasteland 3 - Completed

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Medium (Length) Games Media No-Spoilers
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Very fun and amusing game! I wish it had more to it. Not as in like, it was barebones. Just that everything there was really good and I want more, a bit meatier. More side quests! Pacing was consistent but I would’ve liked the game to be longer. Loved the Denver area. The vocal tracks were really good. The ending segment was a bit underwhelming but I didn’t mind that much, the game mostly didn’t take itself too seriously so I never did either. My biggest gripes is how the party works. You have six characters which you can respec. Four are custom character slots and two are companion slots. You never have any actual identity as a character, you’re just… the rangers. You can spec it so that you can max out every skill distributed across your party which imo is kinda necessary to an extent so there’s no definition to your party there. You can’t really have a personality, dialogue is very utilitarian in its choices, at best you get a few choices that require a certain level of a certain skill that let you do things differently. I would’ve much preferred if you could’ve had much more rigidly defined, limited, and unique player characters with more expression of personality. This game is no masterpiece but the game very much knows it isn’t and is still a great time regardless. Four out of five stars :3

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