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Touhou Mystia's Izakaya Mini Review

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Touhou Medium (Length) Games Media No-Spoilers
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I typically don’t like games that fall into the themes of “cute” or “cozy” but Touhou Mystia’s Izakaya manages to embrace it’s cuteness while avoiding the typical boring tedium of such other games. When it came to my attention there was a Touhou-based (something I’ve been trying to get more into) diner dash style (a game I loved as a kid) game, I had to try it! It’s honestly way better than any other diner dash type game. The “day” side of the game where you get to interact with characters, buy ingredients, and walk around does so much to the game. The Touhou girls have so much flavor to them, it’s a joy building up bonds with them and getting more dialogue from them. As someone inexperienced with Touhou stuff, I’ve been like that one fresh prince of bel air meme looking at all the girls from x meme, or y meme, or z meme! What game is not better with a properly integrated inclusion of anime girls anyway? The pixel art strikes the right balance of beautiful and oh so cute! The game is also dirt cheap even with all DLCs and has sooooo much content. I have played quite a bit and still have not finished the main story. There are 5 DLC stories, each with 2 new locations and at least ~6 new characters… it’s frankly ridiculous, and amazing. Hard to praise this game enough.

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