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Short (Length) Fediverse Technology
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Social media and even blogging platforms I’ve found put so little emphasis on your archive of posts. It bewilders me and is a major source of my frustration with these platforms. If I’m making so many posts over time and some where there’s actual effort behind it it should at the least be a priority to have options available to make navigating older posts easier. The lack thereof is discouraging to making posts with effort. Why should I spend time making a good post with substance when it’s going to end up somewhere down in my profile only to ever be found if someone scrolls deeper than the vast majority will care to or happens to stumble across it? There was one point where I figured that I was just looking for the wrong features in the wrong place - social media wasn’t built for that. But even things like Wordpress don’t have good solutions to this without a decent bit of plugins and messing around. At best, one of my posts was published right now. The rest were made in the past. So why do the vast majority of my posts seemingly not matter in navigability?

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