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Apple Vision Pro Price

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Fediverse Short (Length) Technology
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This is a pro model of a first generation product. It’s providing stunning innovation and bringing this tech closer to consumers. These are primarily AR goggles, not VR. This isn’t competing with VR headsets. This is competing with your phone and your computer. But it is immature, being first gen. The hardware and software will be refined, standard edition models and models targeting the “budget” demographic for this type of product will come further down the line. It will likely never be priced around how much iPhones are, but it will also provide much, much more. It doesn’t make any sense to be comparing this price tag to many of the things people currently are. After a few generations and releases of rival AR products I think we’ll as a whole have a better grasp on what these things can do and how they should be priced. For now, just follow the advice of not buying first generation products, and wait and see. AR is likely the future, for better or for worse.

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