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FLCL Progressive & Alternative PV 1

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FLCL FLCL Progessive FLCL Alternative Long (Length) Structured Media Animation
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My thoughts after having this playing on my second monitor for multiple hours and discussing with friends.

Going Through the Trailer

At the very start, I’m unsure if it’s supposed to be something that actually happened or a mind thing. It reminds me of  the end of episode 6 of FLCL with all the rubble. If it’s real, it looks like a younger version of the MC to me, so perhaps she has a backstory with Haruko, her organization, or whatever type of people Haruko is grouped in with.

Speaking about Haruko like people, we get a look at this  really sweet looking new character in a car with a guitar to the right. She’s most likely the same kind of person as Haruko. She seems a lot more ominous and cool rather than how Haruko is crazy and goofy. I know a lot of people are getting Kitsurubami vibes, which I can see, but it can be easily dismissed. This girl has a different hair color, has a different look that goes past the art change and how much she could change her appearance, plus, why would she acquire a guitar and how? After that, what would the use of a guitar be to her? She has no need to open N.O Channels. It would feel like a bit of a betrayal to become like her, but then again, that’s a generalization, since we have no idea what kind of people the guitar-wielders are. Haruko could just be a bad apple. Either way, I’ll be looking forward to her the most in the new series, she’s the most mysterious part of the trailer.

The  first glimpse of the main character looks sweet. She looks like a typical teenage girl, as she should in FLCL style, with the added flair of the cat headphones. I’m a fan.

The Vespa’s got a change license plate which has already been pointed out a ton. I don’t think an explanation is really needed for it, I’m fine with leaving some things open ended, but the story behind it would be interesting.

The robots are also looking sweet, with  this thing and  a giant eye at first. For the giant eye, there’s footsteps in the sand behind her, and the eye was initially closed, so I wonder what made her go up to the eye rather than fleeing as in the other frames she seems uninterested in… everything. I’m also a fan of the  Canti-like robot’s design. Pretty much a more modern Canti. He seems more like a one-off robot though instead of the reoccurring Canti, so we’ll see.

Then there’s the  guy who everyone thinks looks like Naota. I thought first of  Naota’s “SMOOOCH!” friend, maybe it’s the glasses, but I definitely think he’s a different character from both. He also has a bandage on his head, which is easily the most interesting thing about him so far, maybe the trailer. I’ve gotten the impression the girl is the MC, and the synopsis seems to point to that too, so someone other than the MC is getting attacked? Or, he is a second MC, which after all, he was quite prominent in this trailer. But then that begs the question, why does Haruko need two people’s N.O channels? I don’t think she does, as nowhere in here does the MC (Girl) show any signs of being attacked by Haruko. Later in the trailer, the bandage kid also is  dragging the MC with him, rather than vice versa. This’ll be interesting at the least.

We also have the  cute blonde girl. I hope we get an episode for her like we did Ninamori, which is a favorite of mine.

The iron is shown, giving off the first impression that it may take place in Mabase again. I find it more likely that there are multiple irons on Earth to iron out the wrinkles, and this is just one of them. We’ll see.

Lastly,  Haruko in her full glory. I would prefer if Haruko wasn’t in it at all and they thought of someone new, but I’m hopeful based on the rest of the trailer they can do good things. It does worry me that they didn’t show Haruko interacting with anyone or doing anything, but I’ll assume that they don’t want to spoil her and she has her place already well established in the show.


The trailer gives us only a slice into FLCL 2 (I’m assuming none of this is from 3) but this slice is looking good. Regarding the animation, it reminded me of the Evangelion rebuilds the most oddly enough. The art also gives off a different tone, a more serious and slower tone than the original FLCL. I chalk that up to the trailer and the shots it chose though, because with how much FLCL changes it’s artstyle (I’m also going to assume they keep the changing art style for my own hope’s sake), it could look like anything and give off any tone it wants.

I’ll have to say I had zero hope for this going in. FLCL is my favorite anime, my favorite media of all time, and currently my only 10/10 of any medium, and my most rewatched show of any medium, so I’ve been very skeptical about these sequels since they were announced, but fuck me if that trailer doesn’t fill me with hope. I wasn’t sure if The Pillows would be able to produce FLCL quailty music, but the music in the trailer is amazing. I get the feeling they can pull this thing off, and I hope to god they do.


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FLCL FLCL Progessive FLCL Alternative Long (Length) Structured Media Animation
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FLCL FLCL Progessive FLCL Alternative Long (Length) Media Animation
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FLCL FLCL Progessive FLCL Alternative Long (Length) Media Animation