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FLCL Progressive & Alternative Japanese Combo Trailer

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FLCL FLCL Progessive FLCL Alternative Long (Length) Media Animation

Wew, another trailer? Fucking hell. Looks just as good as the last, except I’m getting more worried about Alternative. Well, off to it.

Firstly, the  Toonami head said that TOHO just decided to release it Alternative first. No real reason. Weird. Guess they also chose to make it into a film. We’ll only just be starting to get Alternative so hopefully there will be no spoilers.

Secondly, new key visuals and the full voice cast released.  Moetron lists a new VA for Haruko under Progressive. However, if you go to the  official site and check Alternative’s cast, it lists the Haruko’s original VA for Alternative. Again, we haven’t actually seen Haruko in Progressive at all… my only guess is that she’s quite a bit older. Next, there’s a character listed as “Masurao” under Progressive. “Masurao” has the same voice actor as Amarao, and (from some googling) means manliness + manly. Which was what Amaro tried to be. He’s also one of the few characters listed without a last name. I think that’s too much evidence pointing towards Amarao’s return to just pass off as a coincidence. I wonder how his eyebrows are doing… Most of the VAs haven’t been in many roles, keeping the spirit of the original. The key visuals look pretty minimal and a bit boring. I do like Haruko’s face  here.

Alternative is shown first due to the release dates and I’m not digging it. Haruko breaking through the glass looks fucking awesome though.  This looks like it’s from shitty horror flick when they’re getting ready to fight some demons. My main concern is  here. I can hear the unfunny jokes already… The other characters look fairly nice. The most interesting parts of Alternative is Haruko, who is shown  here pulling out her badge. The badge looks neat but I liked how things were left open-ended and ambiguous in the original FLCL.  What’s this girl doing looking like she’s from a Micheal Bay film? I do like  Haruko’s face here here and she can kick NO now I guess. Still also not digging her new clothes or that giant swath of hair in front of her hair. The opposite of the last trailer, the most interesting stuff is in Progressive. We first see Haruko gaining Atmosk’s power… the fuck? I’m mostly surprised they’d show this in a trailer, maybe this means there’s even more crazy shit coming so that’s just the tip of the iceberg. She’s blue while Naota was purple, that could have some meaning. Quite a few shots we’ve already seen but some are touched up, even compared to Adult Swim’s trailer which released only some hours beforehand.  An original shot and a  new shot. Looks like they just added lighting and now looking back the other one looks very flat. Jinyu appears in a swimsuit so just like Haruko we’re going to have no shortage of creative outfits. I love how ridiculous it is for a proper car to do  that sideways thing that the Vespa does yet Jinyu still pulls it off. The most important part of that though is that if you look at the back of the background, it’s not done! It’s white! Half-drawn backgrounds are back, baby, and better than ever! While that looks great, the  CGI car worries me. Hopefully they know how and when to use the CGI. Once again, besides that short Atmosk scene, we see no Haruko in Progressive. With three trailers out now, there HAS to be a reason.

In my last post I noted that Alternative seemed to be ironless but from google translating  this tweet, it mentions irons in Alternative twice. I think it’ll be dropping later in the show. They wouldn’t obscure it in all the trailers just to tweet about it.

The action shots once again looks splendid and Haruko’s Atmosk scene looks fucking amazing, just like Naota’s.

Star Overhead sounds like  the sound in the previous trailer at about 0:14 and wow does it sound amazing. I mean, I’m going to say this about every song they release, because holy fucking shit the pillows is amazing.

There’s not as much to talk about here since there’s a lot of re-used shots and things I’ve already talked about but I look forward to putting that 30 seconds of Star Overheard on repeat until the actual show comes out. Godspeed all.


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