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Arcane E1-3

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Medium (Length) Media Animation

I strayed away from Arcane during the initial hype. It just didnt seem like my thing and I wasn’t a fan of League of Legends. Despite recently having grown a grudge against it for defeating Cyberpunk: Edgerunners for best adaptation at The Game Awards 2022, I was finally convinced to give it a shot. I really hate to admit this, but… it’s good. I’ve been enjoying it.

It’s obvious at the end of the third episode what you’ve been watching was just the prologue. I do love stories that do that kind of thing but I had already gotten that vibe from Arcane so it didn’t have much of an effect on me. The visuals of the show are pretty although I’ve found the music to be largely of no note. The plot and characters are engaging. I’m particularly fond of Viktor and Jayce so far, and their philosophy. Heimerdinger makes good points but technological progress is inevitable. All the same, it’s inevitable that such technology will get into the wrong hands… I just hope those wrong hands aren’t Viktor and Jayce. I feel like I should be feeling something sinister from Viktor, but I feel like he might actually be a good guy. It would be a pleasant twist on the evil scientist trope. I will be disappointed if they end up being on the bad side of things. Ideally, there will be some grey morality. I always love that

Everything else is enjoyable so far but I don’t have much to say about it yet. Those two are the ones who have really caught my eye. I’ll likely be back with final impressions once I complete the show / first season.


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