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Oshi no Ko E1

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Fediverse Medium (Length) Animation Media

2023-04-14 16-35: starting oshi no ko. cant tell if this ll be something i think is mid or is a rare popular good thing lol. we’ll see.

2023-04-14 17-19: im like almost halfway through the first ep of oshi no ko and i have not seem something so abhorrently horrible this needs the fucking turn of the century to be ANYWHERE near good this is so bad i dont know if i can finish this episode this is so horrible

2023-04-14 17-33: i am going insane. this is so. fucking. bad. i cant do this. this is insanity. this is a nightmare. how is this #1 on MAL and Anilist rn. this is a joke. it has to be.

2023-04-15 01-57: I watched 40 minutes of Oshi no Ko’s first episode. It is easily the worst piece of media I have ever consumed. It is a mockery to art, to media, and to humanity itself. I am in disbelief that people like this. I feel as if I have awoken into an alternate reality, or perhaps, that would have been the better outcome. I will sleep now, for I know nothing my mind could produce will ever match the horrors that humanity has created. I may detail more at a later point, perhaps on a stream. I considered turning on a stream while I was watching the episode because I felt as if I was losing my grip of the little sanity I had left and I needed to rant about how atrocious it was. Another time. Goodnight.

2023-04-15 16-08: i feel like i need to finish the first oshi no ko episode in order to hate in the most accurate and detailed way, but i fear that i will truly lose any grip on my sanity and reality that i have remaining if i were to do so.

2023-04-15 16-59: It’s pseudo-intellectual trauma porn. None of it was coherent, they simply stitched together a bunch of shit designed to shock the viewer over and over again and provoke emotion to a point of hilarity. The characters all fucking talk as if they think they’re the smartest people in the world saying the most mundane shit in a “wow that’s deep” wrapper. All the characters are demented and bad people. It presents itself completely seriously yet can’t fucking keep the tone for the life of them. How am I supposed to look at hyper-intelligent reincarnated babies twirling night sticks and be like “wow that’s kino for sure”??? And the fucking baby reincarnation shit! Is that a fucking fetish or something? It’s so ridiculous. That was the point when I knew it was bad. Then the fucking other baby is also one, AND THE FUCKING FORMER PATIENT? This reminds me of something like the zeroth Maria or whatever that popular light novel is called. It’s something a middle schooler would see and be like wow this is the most poignant piece of media in existence, and it baffles me that anyone else can consider it anything besides pure fucking rubbish. It’s an insult to all of the viewer’s intelligence and media itself. People don’t fucking talk like any of them do!! What the fuck is next, Ai becomes a global philosopher and then the nuclear holocaust happens and we’re supposed to be like “damn she deserves so much better that’s so s-” THIS IS BAD WRITING. YOU CANT JUST ADD MORE AND MORE “SHOCKING” AND “SAD” SHIT AND MAKE ALL YOUR CHARAXTERS TALK LIKE 12 YEAR OLD /R/ATHEISM USERS AND THEN CALL IT GOOD! YOU CANT EVEN CALL IT WRITING. THIS IS RIDICLOUS. I CANT EVEN FUCKING B-


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