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Various (2021-09-07) Completed

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Micro (Length) Animation Media

I watched six anime movies today. Six! By hour count, that’s the most anime I’ve watched in a day since a long time ago. Doukyuusei, Into the Forest of Fireflies Light, Ghost in the Shell, Whisper of the Heart, My Neighbor Totoro, and 5 cm/s Per Second. Unfortunately the only one I really enjoyed was Whisper of the Heart but I’m happy I was so productive today, even if it was based on a meaningless thing like anime. I have a plan to watch list of anime movies to watch within the next week or even few days if I keep up this rate. Here goes nothing!


TWEWY (Anime) - Completed
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The World Ends With You Micro (Length) Media Animation
Mind Game - Completed
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Masaaki Yuasa Micro (Length) Media Animation
Colorful - Completed
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Micro (Length) Media Animation