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TWEWY Neo (Demo) - Completed

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The World Ends With You TWEWY (Neo) Medium (Length) Media Games
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I finished the demo of Neo: The World Ends With You. It consisted of the first two in-game days.


I recall hearing the combat is turn based so I was surprised to find out it wasn’t. The combat seemed like simple button mashing at first but I figured out that there’s a bit of strategy to it. I think it’ll still be fun in the long-term.

Story & Characters

The story so far is just the Reaper’s Game from the first game so not much to be said there. Rin and Fret don’t strike me but most other characters, including ones yet to be introduced shown in the trailer at the end of the game, do. There are more notable characters this time around. Sho is still his good ol’ self. Nagi looks like a cute weeb. Tsugumi is cuter and seems interesting plot-wise. I want to know the deal with her having Mr. Mew, and why she was trying to kill the MCs in the ending trailer. Susukichi is funny. Fuya seems fun. Kanon is hot. Like, Jesus. Motoi reminds me of a few other characters I’ve seen in anime but looks like a nice guy. Shiba is fiery and hot. Tanzo is strange but he intrigued me. Shoka looks ugly and seem a bit edgy for my tastes. I was really surprised to see Koki and Uzuki in the ending trailer! I’m excited to see their roles. I especially liked Koki in the anime and the bit I played of the game. Last but not least, Neku is back. I’m much more partial to Rin than Neku but I’m still interested in what he’s doing here.


The graphics of the overworld are alright. Similar to Persona 5, so nothing to write home about. The camera is fixed in the overworld, different for each part of Shibuya, and it can be quite awkward at times. The UI overall is mediocre. I love how the dialogue scenes take up the whole screen with character portraits and little events, especially compared to the visual novel style box. The character designs are great with a few misses here and there. My favorite design has to be Kanon and my least favorite is Shoka.


The music is awesome. It’s better than the first game’s music. Luckily a god amount men uploaded the tracks in the demo to YouTube and I’ve been playing it on repeat. My favorite is new one is “Your Ocean”. It’s also great hearing the old songs again with a new twist. I was so happy to hear “Someday” again! The opening movie mixes multiple different songs well. I loved hearing Twister in it.

Final Thoughts

I’ll give this demo an 8/10 and I will expect to give the full game a 7/10 with the possibility for an 8/10 and less likely but still possible, a 9/10. I could easily see this being my GOTY. The music alone will make sure it sticks with me for a while to come.


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