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The Heike Story - Started

·86 words
Micro (Length) Media Animation

I rewatched the first two episodes of The Heike Story and watched the third episode for the first time. The art is pleasant and I like Biwa a lot. I did find it strange that Biwa didn’t age at all in the six year time skip. The plot is difficult to follow with the number of characters and period-specific references but I’m still enjoying it and getting most of the gist. It potentially could’ve been five stars instead of four stars if not for that issue.


TWEWY (Anime) - Completed
·39 words
The World Ends With You Micro (Length) Media Animation
Scott Pilgrim Takes Off - Trailer
·138 words
Scott Pilgrim Micro (Length) Media Animation No-Spoilers
Pluto (Anime) Trailer 2
·31 words
Pluto Fediverse Micro (Length) Media Animation No-Spoilers