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The Division 2 - Campaign Completed

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Micro (Length) Media Games

After buying TD2 forever ago for $3 and then the DLC a while later, also for cheap, I actually have completed the campaign. I played most of the D.C. campaign before but when I “returned” to the game with my purchase of the DLC I made a new character and boosted them, starting the N.Y. campaign, which is what I completed today. I’ve never been much of one for the concept of “endgame” so I didn’t know what to expect after completing it but it’s like the real game opened up. So many more things to do. I’m excited.


Hi-Fi Rush - Started
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Hi-Fi Rush Fediverse Micro (Length) Media Games
Juicy Futa (Demo) - Completed
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Fediverse Micro (Length) Games Media No-Spoilers
Fortnite Battle Royale - C5S1
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Fortnite Fediverse Micro (Length) Media Games