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Sonny Boy - Completed

·125 words
Micro (Length) Media Animation

The entire show made absolutely no sense and in the worst way possible. I respect the creativity to a degree, I’m always happy when directors get to release their full creative vision, but man was Shingo Natsume’s vision too out there. I’m a little scared for The Tatami Galaxy’s sequel, also being directed by him… Maybe this could’ve been good if they tried to tighten it and show it in a way that made more sense but that would be so different from what we got it’s barely worth thinking about. There were a few cool insert songs in the last few episodes of which I’m going to check out the artists so perhaps something good will come from watching this after all. 3 stars


TWEWY (Anime) - Completed
·39 words
The World Ends With You Micro (Length) Media Animation
Mind Game - Completed
·45 words
Masaaki Yuasa Micro (Length) Media Animation
Colorful - Completed
·69 words
Micro (Length) Media Animation