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AM-BOT 3D Model Showcase Video

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Micro (Length) Amelia-Content-Creation

It’s done! This is a lil showcase I made for the 3D model of my newest character design (by ZoeyVoid!), AM-BOT. The model was done by dotpapercrowndot yet again, and yet again, they did an amazing job :3 This was done completely in VRoid so unfortunately the accessories such as the back battery, the bag, and the hat that were in my character sheet couldn’t be made by dot but I hope to commission those sometime from other artists who use blender instead! I added ARKit blendshapes to the model using Hanatool to make it a lot more expressive with iPhone face ID tracking and I made a few other minor fixes. My last model by dot was only a bust up and since then I’ve always wanted to go up to a full body, the utility of which is evidenced by the get down animation at the end :3 The fun animations! Hand tracking! Full body tracking! The funny animations!! The posing!!! So much possibility!!!! I hope to utilize more of my new body soon! VRoid skirts however do not want me to… it constantly clips into itself and my own body with like any sitting or laying down pose. I spent like a day and a half rerigging it in blender twice to pretty much no avail. If someone knows how to fix that please contact me I need help ;-; I’ll be updating my home site, my pfps, and my banners to reflect the new model within a few days. I tried to make the stream overlay myself this time and umm… I’m struggling lol… but I’m trying my best!! Hopefully it’s tolerable >.< I hope I’ll also stream using this within a few days!!! Or early next week? That’s kinda in a few days, sorta. Eris, the character design I’ve been using for a bit over a year now, will be retired. When I got that model I told myself that despite how much I like changing my mind I had to use her for at least a year. This timing has worked out pretty perfectly. So, if you’re reading this from one of the various social places I’ll have linked this, do give me a looksy here and for everyone, do check out dot and Zoey too :3


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